About The Project

1. Principle and Rationale
Based on the main policy of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology that aims to develop Thailand into a society of wisdom and learning, the Ministry has built community ICT learning centers in various communities. distributed throughout Thailand, more than 280 locations, and also aims to create a learning resource for the community by building a prototype of a community ICT learning center, one per district in the initial stage

In addition to developing learning resources for communities through ICT tools, the ministry has tried to create economic and social benefits through new media tools or ICT based on the concept of a world without borders. aiming to create a body of knowledge Exchange products, problem landscape, and build competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy era.

The application of information technology and communication tools to fit the way of life of the community is therefore an urgent matter. both community data storage Public relations for communities, products, and wisdom through WEB 2.0 to create a social network of help. Support through the Internet and create product value Community service through the concept of Social Networking. It also focuses on providing community information to the global market through the world’s most used search engine. By presenting community information through various media such as community websites, images, videos, reviews, etc., in order to open a new market for the community. which is one This is the effort of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology for the use of ICT as a tool of sustainable development.

2. Project objectives

2.1 To develop community information systems that can store, display and analyze community data in various ways including community information on the map It gathers essential information for the community in easy-to-find categories.

2.2 To improve the website www.thaitelecentre.org to be web 2.0 for the development of knowledge of the community and participation in the creation (Co-Creation)to develop an online community store system for products and services of the community with promotion