Wat Saket Community

It is normal for every A week to enter the Ministry of Technology website information and communication
To follow the news from the project 1 Temple 1 Computer Center and saw the project news
Community ICT learning center around the end of March 2007 and will be closed for notifications
at the end of the month, so hurry to collect documents and evidence and fax them to the ministry to notify the intention. and has frequent contact with ministry officials by telephone.

Officials came to inspect the place. and introduced many things, remembered that there was Khun Nonthapapha Srinon Mr. Putthachat, Khun Piyanart and Khun Sakon which came twice along with a visit to Wat Phothikaram
Pathumrat District, various equipment began to gradually come, with 21 sets of tables, chairs, computers, a team of electrical installation technicians.Network system until it can be used as seen today The temple has appointed an Executive Committee to act in coordination with the Ministry of ICT. Send 2 officers to train for 10 days, 3 meetings, therefore the official opening date of the center has been set.

There has already been one class of training, namely teaching morality in schools. under the district office
Roi Et Education, District 1, 40 photos, on August 29, 2007, training for website writing
20 high school students, tertiary education, 17-18 October 2007.

And the center was officially opened on November 9, 2007 by Mr. Sue Louthai,Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT, with Mr. Surachai Linthong, Roi Et Asst.


Community ICT Learning Center Success : Community is Youth

Advisory team, Ministry of ICT evaluated the center
In the afternoon of March 25, 2008, the advisory team of the Ministry of Information Technology Assoc
. S. Putthachat Siriboon, Computer Nok.
Office of the Permanent Secretary for ICT and officials Visit to evaluate the implementation of the ICT learning center, Wat Saket community To extend the body of knowledge about the development of ICT centers to the community and to guide the community to be more involved

Expand network to activities to create new innovations to allow the community to study and develop more
as well as discussing and consulting about ICT services to the community performance

The results of the ministry’s targeted service and training of 100 people in each generation.Good management which the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT has led the Wat Saket Center. Has led the Wat Saket Center to give examples often and presented interviews with those who came to use the service. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamolrat had initially informed that there would be a 14-day training for the center’s staff on 17-30 April. In
Bangkok, all 70 centers, 150 people and invited the abbot to exchange experiences as The center was successful on 19-20 April and within 2 days will invite the successful center to manage.

Let’s exchange experiences with new centers.

The first step is to experience the ICT learning center, Wat Saket community. It has made the ICT Ministry and the CCDKM Center feel warm and welcome. because when I sweep my eyes around the computer room, I find
There is no computer to rest at all because more than 20 computers are constantly being used by children and youth from Kaset Wisai District to search for information.

The definition of “community” for the ICT learning center of Wat Saket community is “Gathering of children and youth. Within Kaset Wisai District” , it is not surprising that the ICT Learning Center at Wat Saket Community has ongoing projects.. Especially the group of the project are mostly children and youth. The latest is a social creative project called “IT Youth Doing Good for Society Project”

Youth IT Doing Good for Society Project

Principle and Reason with the ICT Learning Center, Wat Saket Community has conducted computer training, service provision, use of computer for internet service to the community since 2004, covering the entire district Most of the service users are students, followed by working age. Part of the students are primary and secondary school students. which has schools located in various sub-districts, has few opportunities to learn modern technology Especially in education in cyberspace, students are still very inexperienced.

It is therefore the origin of the project to set up a project for IT youths to do good for society. The target group is
66 primary schools in Kaset Wisai district Revolving to study 1 day per school in the academic year 1/2008 over a period of 4 months on normal days, Monday-Friday.